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Their unique stem- and seat designs provide packless-free operation and ease of maintenance. Fuel injection valve open at a given pressure and atomize the fuel and inject onto the intake valves. Adjust pressure and flow in proportional to input current of power amplifier. They can, upon request, be manufactured in other types of materials, for use in special working conditions (high temperatures, fluids, etc.). A few models are designed to be used in pressure or non-critical vacuum applications. Our Firesafe needle valves and manifolds are constructed in austenitic stainless steel. When the fuel delivery quantity is lower, the plunger shifts back closing the exit port to allow less fuel to escape to the tank. Needle Valves are used regulate flow of fluids and gases in nearly every industry.Similar in design and operation to the globe valve, needle valves have a long tapered point at the end of the valve stem instead of having a disk.A multitude of valve types and designs function of double block and bleed valve safely accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Butterfly valves is for regulating and isolating flow. Check the flow of lube oil. Decreasing the pressure to 7.0bar of the air compressor to start up the dead band can be seen that this happens, we can not control the system as needed. Valves also come with metal, plastic or plastic metal needles and seats. GVC Direct offers Needle Valves for low pressure and high pressure applications with a variety of seat types to meet most throttling valve applications. For abrasive and corrosive applications we supply valves with PTFE lining and composite construction butterfly valves which combine light weight with good chemical resistance with a 10 bar pressure rating. Needle Valves,needle Valves Manufacturers,needle Valve Exporter.Offered in four different body materials, this group of valves can handle a wide range of general purpose liquid and gas applications. Exceeding the industry standard of 60,000 psi, MAXIMATOR high pressure needle valves feature stainless steel, metal-to-metal seats and can be used with either gases or liquids.